Wi-Fi Hot Spot




The Grande Prairie Airport provides travellers and guests free Internet access through the airport's wireless system. This service is provided in all terminal areas. Patrons can utilize a properly configured laptop, personal digital assistant or other device that is wireless compatible and able to connect to the Web. The airport suggests using a computer running one of the newer versions of Windows or MAC operating systems and newer versions of Palm Handhelds, Pocket PCs or other portable devices.

To Access Internet:

  • Your device must have a compatible wireless card (802.11b) installed in the computer or other device.
  • The wireless card should be configured to obtain an IP address automatically (DHCP enabled) and have all encryption protocols disabled (WEP, LEAP, PEAP, etc.).
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections can be established using most client software (PPTP); however, the airport cannot guarantee all of them work.
  • The airport highly recommends that users employ standard computing safety measures. The airport does not filter, scan, monitor or block any traffic through this Internet connection. Standard safety measures include but are not limited to employing personal anti-virus software with updated signature files, personal firewall programs and all applicable updated security patches or fixes for the operating system and browser software.

Remember there is never a charge for wireless Internet access provided by the Grande Prairie Airport. If you are asked for a Credit Card Number when accessing this service please contact the Grande Prairie Airport administration office at 780-539-5270.

The Grande Prairie Airport (GPA) by providing this free wireless service (GPAFREE) does not assume any liability for Internet or personal computer security, or data integrity transmitted over this unsecured access point. All persons accessing GPAFREE do so on their own risk.