Long Term Parking

Long Term Parking

There are 698 long-term parking stalls plug-ins available and 130 overflow parking stalls available without electrical plug-ins.  All stalls are on a first come first serve basis. 

Parking Charges (all rates are calculated by a 24 hour period)

Hourly $ 1.00

Daily $ 12.00

Weekly $84.00 

Parking Directions:

  1. Please take a ticket
  2. Keep your entry ticket with you for your trip & park your vehicle.
  3. Pay for parking upon your return in Terminal Building at the auto pay parking machine.

Two auto pay machines are located in the Air Terminal Building on the East and West side of the Customer Service Desk.

Forgot to pay inside?

Debit and Credit cards are accepted at the gate exit. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Interact. 

Q: I can't find a parking stall in the parking lot, do I have to pay to get out?

A: No, you have a 30 minute grace time once you enter the lot to exit again without paying. Simply insert your ticket in the exit terminal and the gate will open so you can leave. If you stay longer than 30 minutes, you will have to pay for a minimum of one hour.

Q: I lost my ticket, how to I pay to exit the lot?

A: Please contact Customer Service for assistance.

Q: If I pay inside the terminal building how long do I have to exit the parking lot?

A: You have 45 minutes from the time you pay to exit the parking lot. Please remember to keep your bar code ticket with you as that is now coded to let you out of the parking lot.

Q: Is there continuous power to my plug-in at my stall? 

A: The parking lot plug-ins work on a temperature controlled cycled basis.  They turn on at a temperature of -10 for 5 minute cycles, at -20 they cycle every 15 minutes and at -25 they have continuous power.